Articles and papers

·      Typology for Public Engagement. Science for All/Department of Business, Industry and Skills. 2010.

·       Organisational Learning and Change for Public Engagement: Review and Recommendations for Science for All. 2010.

·       Evaluation of the use of Working with Others – Building Trust for the Shaldon Flood Risk Project. Includes cost-benefit analysis of various approaches to community engagement. Environment Agency. 2009

·       What next for public engagement? Various frameworks, papers and presentations for Sciencewise-ERC, UK sustainable Development Commission, Welsh Assembly Government and Defra. 2009.

·       Engagement and sustainable development. A manual for SDC, WAG and Defra. 2009.

·       National Consultation review, framework and guidance. Environment Agency. 2009.

·       Departmental Dialogue Index:  a tool for assessing organizational readiness for dialogue and engagement. Toolkit with summary and background research paper. Sciencewise-ERC. 2009.

·       Improving Social and Institutional Responses to Flooding: 18 month research project, funded by the Environment Agency/Defra's Science programme. Included analysis of capabilities, skills, culture and practical ways forward for collaborative work on flooding.  Includes evidence, corporate level recommendations and three practical toolkits on 'how to work collaboratively with communities', 'running effective partnership meetings' and 'good practice in running drop ins and surgeries'. Environment Agency/Defra. 2009.

·       Community Adaptation Planning guidance. For Collingwood Environmental Planning, for Scott Wilson and Defra. 2008 – 9.

·       Resilience and sustainable development. A discussion paper and online discussion. For SDC. 2008.

·       Congress for the Future. A proposal and winner of the SDC’s ‘breakthroughs’ award. 2006.

·       Deliberative Public Engagement in Decision Making: 9 principles. Contributor. Involve and National Consumer Council. 2008.

·       An assessment of community engagement and community development approaches including the collaborative methodology and community champions. Contributor. NICE. 2008.

·       The art of facilitation: Mainstreaming change. Chapter in pamphlet for involve. 2006.

·       How we’ll interact: Vision for future of governance in UK, including ‘councils for the future), chapter for the Sustainable Development Commission. 2006.

·       Review of UK literature on public participation and communicating flood risk for Environment Agency/Com Coast (European Collaboration project). 2005

·       People and participation. Contributor. Involve 2005.

·      The True Costs of Public Participation. Contributor. Involve 2005.

·       Building Trust with Communities: Toolkit, literature review, how to guides, evaluation reports. Environment Agency. 2005 – 2013

·       Turn me on and I’ll turn out: chapter on the role and forms of governance and involvement required for sustainable development.  Sustainable Development Commission, 2001.

·       Evaluating participatory, deliberative and co-operative ways of working. 2001.

·       Author, Sustainability in Practice: a guide for voluntary and community groups. Published by Projects in Partnership/London Voluntary Service Council 1998.

·       Advisor, Participation Works!  Published by the New Economics Foundation.  1998.

·       Training manuals including: Visioning, Facilitation foundation; effective partnerships; chairing effective meetings; stakeholder engagement; open space technology; designing participatory events and processes. 1998 - present

·       Contributing author, Guided Visualisation – a guide.  Published by NEF. 1997.

·       Editor, The Vision 21 Facilitation Toolkit.  1997.

·       Editor, Sustainable Gloucestershire - the Vision 21 Handbook for creating a brighter future, 1996.

·       Editor, EDGE Magazine (sustainable development in Gloucestershire). 1992 – 1997.