founder/leadership roles


Founder of:


2004 - 2014             Involve, building democracy that works for everyone

2002 –  present      Lindsey Colbourne Associates. My consultancy, through which I deliver projects with a network of Associates.

2001 – 2016           InterAct Networks   a not-for-profit partnership focused on capacity building for participation in organisations and communitities

1998 – 2011          InterAct, a network bringing together practitioners, academics and policy makers to develop thinking and practice in the field of participation and stakeholder involvement.

1994 – 1997           Vision 21, a Sustainable Future for Gloucestershire.  This multi-award winning Local Agenda 21 process could be considered my first socially engaged art work, and it lives on today! Starting with a global conference on Local Agenda 21, I developed a participatory process that resulted in a network of more than 1,500 volunteers and 65 projects. It included the development and use of a range of participatory techniques, and the arts including ‘guided visualisation, back casting, ‘a day in the life’, appreciative inquiry and Future Search conferences.  1992 - 1997

1992 - 1997            EDGE magazine - Environment and Development in Gloucestershire. This news and networking magazine, with a circulation of 5,000 readers, brought together arts and activism, and received awards and global promotion as an example of good practice.

Leadership roles:


2008 – 2011           Head of Public Dialogue, and Dialogue and Engagement Specialist, Sciencewise-ERC,
the UK’s national centre for public dialogue in policy making involving science and technology issues

2002 - 2004           Founding board member of Cynnal Cymru, an initiative trying to realise the vision of a sustainable Wales and a more sustainable world

2001 – 2009          Commissioner, UK Sustainable Development Commission, the advisory body to UK Government, Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland

1997 - 2001            Director, Projects in Partnership. UK Charity promoting sustainable solutions through participation and dialogue.