Breuddwyd Merch Y Chwarel, The Quarry Woman's Dream, 2019: Installation, video – 23 mins. Shown as part of a whole room installation, Storiel April - September 2019.

Mae'r ffilm hon, sydd tua'r un faint â phennod o gyfres gomedi, yn fath ar daith bersonol - efallai yn synfyfyr, yn freuddwyd o ddyheu - i ganfod fod fy lle wedi'i gyfryngu gan fath ar 'linach y cartref' a chwareli llechi Dyffryn Peris. Mae'n archwilio swyddogaeth merched ym mympwy amser, gofod ac arferion cymdeithasol, a'r berthynas rhwng lle, iaith a diwylliant.

This film, roughly the length of an episode of a sitcom, is of a personal journey – perhaps a daydream, perhaps an aspirational dream - to find my place mediated by a kind of ‘house geneology’ and the slate quarries of Dyffryn Peris. It explores the role of women within the vagaries of time, space and social norms, and the relationship between place, language and culture.

“Quarry Women” 2019: 10 min 35 secs. Shown at Llechwedd Slate Caverns, September - December 2019.
Another film made for our Merched Chwarel project, this one bringing 'Merched Chwarel' into the present. Made from the first 100 results from an internet search for "Quarry Women".

Y Byd Yn ôl Titw Tomos Las 2018. A bright fluffy young bluetit has taken to watching - and perhaps judging  - the world go by outside my studio window... Kindred Spirits!

Dal Dÿ Dir, 2017. 5 mins. Part of my Merched Chwarel Arts Council funded R&D.

Parch (intended) 8 mins 33 secs. An exploratory film made in preparation for a proposed project, Parch (Digging Down III), from footage shot at Y Tabernacl, Llandudno. September 2016

30 second promotional film for our Llif/Flow show at Pontio, 3rd July 2016.

A video of the Llif/Flow afternoon at Pontio, including sounds recorded live. With many thanks to Jony Easterby, James Goodman and Ed Straw for use of their recordings.
10 mins 18 secs

4 minute film ofgiving a taster of the R&D process, sounds, science and art for Llif/Flow show at Pontio, 3rd July 2016. This film is showing in Pontio's foyer, together with a display cabinet until the end of July 2016

11 minute video made of our trip Dr Jonathan Malarkey's Laboratory, at the School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University, with Lisa Hudson. This was the start of our Llif-Flow Synthesis Project for Pontio.

Digging Down - an incomplete history. Video for showing in Pontio Theatre, April 2016 as part of National Theatre Wales' residency. 15 minutes 44 seconds.

Lisa Hudson and I have been playing with making large scale marble runs: A quick preview of some slate-based ones. 56 seconds

Treasure   or   How Much Is Enough?  5 mins 20 sec
2014, exhibited at Strzemiński Academy of Art Łódź, Poland and 2015, TOGYG International Film Show.
(for more on this project, please see my blog, and the hoard/horde section)

Bird Collision preview of night time light/sound installation with Jony Easterby, to the sound of Ynys Afallon hir a thoddeidiau Recited by Gwilym Morus for the For the Birds Show (2014 - present, various locations from Ynys Hir nature reserve to New Zealand and Brighton Festival 2017).

The Rock, 2014  2 mins 24 sec

Union, 2014  3 mins 27 seconds

Y Wyddor   (The Alphabet)  2013  10 mins 3 sec

Baptism, 2012  7 mins  29 sec

Dw i'n Dysgu Cynefin (I'm Learning Cynefin), 2012   2 mins 33 sec